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Iron, forging

64*48*78 cm, 2019 year

Price on request

Kukulkan is one of the supreme deities in Mayan mythology. He was considered the god of wind and water, fire and air, the founder of royal dynasties and large cities. He was the patron god of the Cocom dynasty in the city of Mayapan.

According to one Mayan belief, the world was created by the gods Kukulkan and Hurakan. The Maya believed that Kukulkan taught them how to fish, invented writing and a calendar for them, and invented ceremonies. Eventually the cult of Kukulkan became a kind cult of nobility – only noble young men were sacrificed to Kukulkan in a solemn setting. Such a great abundance of functions and roles in Kukulkan can be explained by the fact that his cult was extremely ancient.

The main incarnation of Kukulkan was a feathered serpent with a human head. He was also depicted as an eagle, a jaguar, a snail shell and, finally, as a flute made of bones.

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