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Patinated bronze, casting

58*35*88 cm, 2018 year(№ in a single copy)

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Ishtar is the central female deity of Akkadian mythology: the goddess of fertility, sensual love and war. The name of the goddess comes from the ancient word “astar”. In the Prasemitic languages it was the name of the planet Venus. Because the ancients believed that Venus, which you can see in the morning and in the evening – are two different stars, then the names of the heavenly body was two. The male was Astar, or “morning star,” and the female Astartes, or “evening star.”

Two aspects of Venus merged into one mythological character. Therefore the goddess Ishtar is characterized by androgyny – signs of both male and female genders. By combining opposites – love and war, male and female – the image of Ishtar can be considered from a philosophical point of view. The dualism of life, where there are many extremes and little balance. But by subordinating and balancing these opposites in yourself, you come to inner harmony, wholeness, which are transformed into strength. And it’s up to man to direct this power.

The Akkadian kings referred to Ishtar as the goddess of war, so Ishtar was given the epithet “queen of kings”. Ishtar is said to sit on the divine throne alongside her husband, the supreme sky god Anu, who consults with his wife when making decisions because Ishtar is wise and perceptive.

The mighty goddess is said to hold the fate of existence in her hands, but at the same time the image of Ishtar is captivating and alluring. Ishtar’s eyes shimmer with the colors of the rainbow, and her mouth exudes honey. Ishtar gives people good fortune and vitality. She favors loyal devotees, those who are mutually in love, and those with good intentions.

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