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Centaur Chiron

Patinated bronze, casting

22*12*23 cm, 2010 year

Price on request

Chiron (Greek Χείρων, Heiron, “hand”) in ancient Greek Thessalian mythology is a centaur, son of Cronus and Phylera, originally endowed with immortality. Hesiod was credited with the poem The Instructions of Chiron.
Chiron was wise and kind, unlike most other centaurs, who were notorious for their boisterousness, drunkenness, and hostility toward humans. He lived on Mount Pelion. He was a disciple of Apollo and Artemis. In turn he taught many heroes – Jason (for whose journey he produced the first celestial globe), as well as Dioscurus, Achilles (considered his descendant), whom he fed with lion meat, possibly Orpheus and others. He taught the medical arts to Asclepius and Patroclus, and the hunting arts to Actaeon. Participated in the Indian campaign of Dionysus.
Undergoing terrible agony, gave up his immortality, handing it over to Prometheus.
Placed in the sky as the constellation Centaurus, or Sagittarius.

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