Gleb Kryukov was born and brought up in Saint-Petersburg. Parents noticed his passion for the beauty, gave him to the art school 14 in Krasnoselskiy district where his talent of a painter and sculptor was born. The first sculptures he began to create on the 3d course of Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technic University where he studied the profession “Technology of artistic materials’ working”.

Gleb’s art is original and conceptual. In his works the leading role plays body language. His works are notable for silhouettes’ accuracy, adjusted lines, forms’ harmony. Unusual and even cosmic characters freeze up in a graceful and at the same time fancy poses that allow a viewer himself to think up a story which the author placed in each of his works.

For example the series “Africa” in which Gleb described the pantheon of African animals where every sculpture reproduces absolutely human feelings and emotions. These characters are a personification of dynamics. If it is a giraffe which seems to touch a starlike sky spreading over savanna. Screwing up his eyes, he is breathes in a cool night air and as never before feels himself free. Or a lion in an aggressive pose demonstrates big tushes to his enemy. Each muscle on the animal’s body is strained and tightened as a string. He is a figure of powerful and unconquerable power. In such a way in all sculptor’s works a viewer can find personable only to him character.


2014 Meritorious exhibition “Freedom. Goal. Origin.” The exhibition hall of Smolniy palace.
2015 Art Week Spb, the second and the third prize place – sculptures: “Hippopotamus. River horse”, “By the stars”. The exhibition hall of the union of painters Spb.
Art Week Rome (Italy), the third prize place – sculpture ” Sun worshipper”. Art week in Italy, Rome.
Art fair “ArtExpoSpb 2015”.
2016 “Russian Art Week”: Winter 2016, 16-24 of January 2016, in the Central House of painters (Moscow).
the exhibition “Spring 2016”. The exhibition hall of the union of painters Spb.
Personal exhibition “Soul strings”, Konstantinovskiy palace, Strelna.
The exhibition “Zoo art” the state museum of a town sculpture.
The exhibition “Autumn 2016”. The exhibition hall of the union of painters Spb.