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Strings of the soul

patinated bronze, casting

7*9*35 cm, 2012 year

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This image is the most wonderful, intimate… In this work, are opened hidden inner of feelings. What is the soul? We know that it exists, we even suggest how much it weighs. We reflect on the fact that it is traveling, moves. We wondered what happens to it in other worlds, other lives in other bodies … But how can it look like? What or whom she looks like? This sculpture is a variation of the author on the subject of the soul – a small and fragile, under the dome, in the shell of our body and our mind. Bond with us only for thin, but strong string. The only witness of our desires, feelings and emotions. The only help in our difficulties and failures. The only judge of our sins and mistakes. This little essence, vulnerable, but infinite and immortal. If your heart beat faster at the sight of this embodiment, then your soul heard the music of strings…

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