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Patinated bronze, casting

105*55*155 cm, 2020 year

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“Perceive with eyes that are not clouded with hatred. Be able to see the good in what is evil and see the evil in what is good. Don’t give yourself to one side or the other, but be the guardian of the balance that exists between them…”  Hayao Miyazaki

The balance is usually achieved by a lot of work. To create the new, you have to destroy the old. Sometimes, it is painful, but unavoidable. As Theodore Dreiser said, “The scales must sway before they come to equilibrium.” This applies, above all, to the human world. For in nature the balance is always right. The elements, beasts and plants, are always in balance. But people, gifted with the power to command the world and each other – must learn to keep the balance. Often, people forget that they are part of nature. In order for us to remember who we are again, destruction comes. In fact, it is us who are entrusted with the mission of maintaining balance. People should not forget the main thing – humanity is only a part, just one billionth of the whole world. We are not here to reign and oppress. We are sent to protect and contemplate.

Here we see the image of a deity. This is Shiva, the indestructible force sent to destroy for good, keeping the balance of natural forces. The god who saved all living things by drinking the deadly poison, bravely sacrificing himself. But Shiva is not only a mythical hero, it is not only a religious idol. He is a teacher. His presence is in each of us. In ourselves and in our minds, there are his attributes – powerful weapons that we must learn to use correctly, primarily to keep the balance.

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