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Adagio to Rain

patinated bronze, casting

63x58 cm, Н-121 cm, 2021

Price on request

Exaggeratedly delicate and fragile, the musician's hands are slender, resembling long-legged spiders, touching the curved violin and a bow that looks like a double arrow. An exaggeratedly artistic outfit: clothing that accentuates the figure as if soaked in rain, a strange hat with a feather, a voluminous scarf draped over the shoulders, long sleeves that become gloves, cut at the fingers. Adagio (Italian: calm, slow) is a relatively slow musical tempo, between largo (broad, sustained) and andante (in the pace of a walk). The expression on the violinist's face and her entire posture show how she draws a note, supporting herself by gripping the ground with her bare foot.

The sculpture is the result of an experiment within the framework of a special project by the Form & Bronze gallery, where artists transformed the images of their already-created paintings into the genre of sculpture.

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