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Accounts for Mrs.

patinated bronze, casting

70x30 cm, Н-62 cm, 2022

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A refined, elegant beauty, typical of Andrei Belle. Falling shoulder straps, hands playing with the hem of a short dress. Everything exudes eroticism. A peculiar straight posture. She’s on her knees with a lowered head, but not in a submissive manner. A strange body position. The composition is shifted forward relative to the long plane of the sculpture's base, with aesthetically draped bronze fabric. An unfilled space is left behind the figure, gaping with the unsaid. This sculptural technique creates inner restlessness and a desire to imagine the story further.

The sculpture is the result of an experiment within the framework of a special project by the Form & Bronze gallery, where artists transformed the images of their already-created paintings into the genre of sculpture.

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