Sergey Astapov
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Sergey Astapov

He was born in 1957.

Pear of Pygmalion

patinated bronze, casting

15,5*22,5*16 cm, 2008 year

Etude for balalaika

patinated bronze, casting

13*6*22 cm, 2006 year

Etude for Violin

patinated bronze, casting

8*7*25 cm, 2006 year

Apple of Pygmalion

бронза, патинирование

11,5*11,5*16,5 см, 2003 год

Sergey Astapov

He was born in 1957.

Since 1971 to 1975 he was the student of the art school of the institute named by Repin SSSR.

Since 1975 to 1981 he was the student of the institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named by Repin SSSR, the sculpture faculty.

Since 1981 to 1983 he was the aspirant of Repin’s institute.

Since 1981 the member of the Union of painters in Saint-Petersburg.

He works in such techniques as monumental and interior sculpture, portrait, unique graphics, interior design , author’s photo.

Since 1980 the participant of national, reginal and city exhibitions. The participant of exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, USA, Finland, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan.

He works with Russian, USA, France and Switzerland galleries.