Olga Gasparyan

Gasparyan Olga was born in 1970 in Ekaterinburg.

1988-1993 she studied in RGPU named by Herzen  at the faculty of arts.

Her works are found in private collections of Germany, Holland, Belgium, USA and Russia.

1994 Exhibition of Saint-Petersburg painters in Hamburg, Germany.
1999 “Coach” Elaginoostrovskiy palace museum, Saint-Petersburg.
2000 Participation in Kunstschouw Burh, Holland.
Personal exhibition ” Duigalerie”, Domburg, Holland.
2001 Participation in Kunstschouw Renese, Holland.
2003 Biennale Saint-Petersburg pastel; Saint-Petersburg, painters’s union.
Personal exhibition “Barlett” Utreht, Holland.
Personal exhibition “Heaven on Earth”, Amsterdam, Holland.
2004 Galierie 45 Vestdorpe, Holland
Librart Libramont, Belgium.
2005 Personal exhibition “Vandar weckene Viza, Belgium.
2006 Personal exhibition “Expozitie” in St. Reghthuys, Holland.
Participation in Schildersweek Domburg, Holland.
2007 Personal exhibition in the Gallery of art, Dendermonde, Belgium.
“Spring 2007”, Saint-Petersburg, painters’ union.
Participation in Goda Amsterdam, Holland.
2008 Simine GARIB Antibes, France.
Participation in the graphic Biennalle Saint-Petersburg, painters’ union.
“Autumn 2008”, Saint-Petersburg, painters’ union.
Art-Manezh Saint-Petersburg.
2009 Personal exhibition “Kunsthandel Amstel Art” Hemstede, Holland.
Galerie De Heeren van Voorburg Deventer, Holland.
“Spring 2009”, Saint-Petersburg, painters’ union.
2010 Personal exhibition in the gallery “Dune” Domburg, Holland.
Personal exhibition Galerielarcu, Skye Hoeve, Holland.
Personal exhibition. Gallery “Spas”, Saint-Petersburg.
Palazzo Medichi Rilarium “Russian in Florence”, Italy.
Art fair Utreht, Holland.
Exhibition “by 300 years of Armenian community” Saint-Petersburg, painters’ union.
“Autumn 2010”, Saint-Petersburg, painters’ union.
2012 Duigalerie Domburg, Holland.
2016 Participation in the exhibition “Borders”, Central house of artists. Moscow.