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Fair Wind

Patinated bronze, casting

16*25*79 cm, 2021 year

Price on request

What can compete with the wind in the number of epithets and variety of associations?

The answer is simple and surprisingly unambiguous: Nika of Samothrace, flying over a sheer cliff above the sea. And no Daru staircase can drown out the roar of the surf, for the amazement of visitors to the Louvre is endless in its silence.

Nika is the embodiment of the Wind, and any attempt to make it Passable is checked by her absolutes. The sculptor Semyon Zhokhov succeeded in this attempt.

The nature of associations is unfathomable, as is the nature of creative inspiration. Sometimes history takes on the role of the creator – it was history that gave Nika the status of an unrivaled masterpiece, freeing the sculpture from excessive humanity.

The Fair Wind has chosen the same path: associative and intoxicating vertigo, in the whirlwind of which it is easy to lose one’s head. And even if instead of the nose of the warship there is a clear geometry of the pedestal, but the feeling of flight gives birth to the crowning wind – in a mad and dazzling attempt to compete with gravity and take grace with him.

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