12.12.17 - 25.01.18

Theater of Alexander Benua and contemporary artists

Moscow, CHA, Krimsky Val 10/14

The gallery “Form & bronze” and the gallery “Cabinet” presents a joint exhibition project dedicated to the Russian ballet. The exposition fills with colorful and exclusive creations from different epochs, having combined interests of several descents of Artists, sculptors, actors and spectators enchanted by ballet art.

Ballet, turned by its nature to be a brilliant synthesis of choreography, plastique, music and art work is fulfilled of one of the brightest events of Russian culture.
Anticipating an expectation of a holiday, project’s tutors made an accent on fascinating aspects of this art, having showed unique collectors works of modern artists.
The gallery “Cabinet” presents sketches’ series of theatre costumes of A.Benua for the exhibition such as drawings for a famous performance “Petrushka”, ballets “Giselle” and “Imaginary sick man”.
The ballet “Petrushka” have being invented by Alexander Benua and a young composer Igor Stravinsky, was an essential performance of “Russian seasons” in Paris. At that time in 1911 nobody could imagine that “Petrushka” with a distinctive for him character of folk heroes, became the symbol of Russian ballet avant-garde in the early XX century. During 50 years “Petrushka” had a great success, it was produced on a different theatre grounds all over the world. A. Benua made different variants of costumes and decorations for the performances of Grand Opera in Paris (1920 and 1930 years, for the theatre of French Comedy, for London Covent Garden (1957), for Viennese theatre (1957), for Milanese theatre «rock” (since 1930 for 1956).
Benua created a wonderful world of picturesque images, settling of lifted up by him  a puppet show: drummers, hussars, nurses, merchants, common people.
Ballet theme continues in picturesque and graphic works of our contemporary and artist Andrew Antroshenko, a graduate of Russian Academy of Arts, an admirer of Italian artist Pino Daeni’s art.
Heroines of Antroshenko’s canvases are passionate and sensual sorts, passing over dance expression. They are in a power of emotions. Their mental position on the edge of virtuous femininity and flickering eroticism. Bright pallet of his works with the domination of scarlet colors intensifies feelings’ temper of beauties  represented by him, emotional intensity of their experience.
At the exhibition a series of Antroshenko’s drawings is presented and a picturesque painting – “petition”, became the central work of the exposition. This work differs from colorful artists’s canvases, attracts of color’s monochromaticism, pallet’s freshness and cleanness. Pearl and blue picture’s  gamma combines with an admirable image of a ballerina, whose trait’s delicacy are underlined with a gracefulness of her movements.
Elegant ballet plastique interprets Aramare Vecchio’s sculpture at the exhibition. The master personifies art of dance in bronze, introducing us with the images of Russian ballet stars: Isadora Duncan, Tamara Krasavina, Maya Plisetskaya, Uliana Lopatkina, Svetlana Zakharova, Rudolf Nuriev and many others.
Aramare Vecchio finds expressive artistic decisions, beautifully outplays costume’s details, uses all pallet of resources of polychromic patina, strengthening a game of different textures and a contrast of color stains. Aramare Vecchio achieves style’s preciosity thanks to mastership of acting, laconic decorative finishing and effective figures’ views.
Represented project is very interesting because of variety of intentions, different views on traditions and innovation in art. Every artist reverently and emotionally went through the ballet interest, personifying in his works harmony, passion, drama, irony, triumph and blistering dance movement.


Natalia Popova – art critic