01.12.18 - 30.12.18

Stealing beauty

Moscow, Central House of Artists, Krymsky Val, 10, ground floor, room №1


And if it’s so, what’s then the Beauty?
Why do the people deify its mode?
May be it is the vessel with futility,
Or fire twinkling in the vessel infold?

Nikolay Zabolotsky


Are the creations of artist spiritualized?

When works of art keeps in itself an invisible print of creator’s soul, then they become alive, attract and form around themselves salutary atmosphere of harmony.

And only then beholding person’s Soul becomes full of peace and satisfaction, but at the same time also with emotions – it can be joy or delight, or – sweet melancholic sadness about unfulfilled.

Our emotions while beholding the beauty are fleeting and intangible, but their embodiment in the image, reflected in bronze, painting or drawing – is the genuine keeper of an elusive beauty.

Just the print of the moment, directed to the eternity…


In Irina Belopukhova’s graphics, presented at the exhibition, female images are created by thin strokes that barely touch paper, appear from accurate, expressive lines, vigorous whirlwinds and lace of colourful spots. Ornaments of clothes flow one in another and only hint at an object. They are alive, they are in a movement… Artist’s drawing preserved, stopped that flickering, elusive beauty.

Kings and jesters, enigmatic masks and mysterious characters… The presence of Venice in Arsen Avetissian’s sculptures is indicated only by details – a mask, a headdress form, a gondola silhouette, but first of all, by the creation of that magical mood, which fills the city. Asren managed to depict in his works very delicately and at the same time incredibly expressively this elusive beauty of disappearing city, which slowly goes under water.


Two such different genres: sculpture and graphics. Bronze and paper.

Two different artists. Each with his own vision of beauty and feeling of harmony.

But they are united by the desire to stop the moment and to imprint elusive, eternal beauty in its vivid movement and ephemerality.