10.09.16 - 31.10.16

Russian Paris

Moscow, CHA ("Central House of Artists"), Krimskyi Val, 10/14, the 1st floor, №1

The exhibition is presented by a gallery of modern art “Form & Bronze” with a help of Vladimir Kaplunov’s gallery- an expert in Russian art of XX century.

At the exhibition “Russian Paris” will be presented painters’ works which by force of historical circumstances appeared beyond the homeland. Among them such names as: Konstantin Korovin, Konstantin Veshilov, Konstantin Gorbatov, Alexander Altman and others.

Also sculpture compositions by author Albert Avetisian will be presented.

At the beginning of XX century in the capital of France lived many Russian painters. Ones continued education upgrading in Paris ateliers and academies obtained professional skills, others started from nothing. A holy grail for many of them was to take part in galleries which Paris Salons carried out.
The art range of Russian painters was very wide: from academic conservatism, (as in the Salon of the Elysian Fields) and shy repetition of common places of Impressionism and post Impressionism (as in the Salon of Champ de Mars) to moderate innovation (the Salons of Autumn and Independent).
A lot of time all “Russian Parisians” spent in cafe, dance halls and cabaret. The atmosphere of soviet communication and inevitable flirt contained something new – professional talks and arguments.
The work in a jointly rented workshops, everyday communication bonded present countrymen and their colleagues from different countries of Europe. Actually in this atmosphere formed unique international community of painters, poets, writers, artists and bohemian “stars”accompanied by their muses – wives, girlfriends, life models, mistresses. Bright part of this community came in a history of painting under the name of “Paris school” made up immigrants from Russia.
Young and purposeful painters – immigrants from different places of Russian empire- aspired to join in openings of “Paris art”. The number was  constantly growing. Among them who came to France before the First World War and stayed forever painters Haim Sutin, Michael Kikoin, Alexander Altman, Maria Vorobeva- Stevelskaya (the most famous for her fairy nickname Marevna, fabulated for her by Maksim Gorkiy), sculptors Alexander Arhipenko, Yakov Jak Lipshiz, Osip Zadkin, Hana Orlova, Oskar Meshaninov and many other future ” real members” of Paris school.
A number of people settled in Monparnas, in a famous “Beehive” (La Ruche), in the past vine pavilion – original round building which in 1900 was set up on the worldwide Paris exhibition and later took to pieces and transpoted to the south part of the town , to the passage Danzi
Mark Shagal, Lubov Popova, Alexandra Ekster, Konstantin Veshilov, Georgiy Lapshin, Konstantin Gorbatov, George Pozidaev, Konstantin Korovin and others came back to Russia. Who finally, who for a while….But some wild years, very important for professional education, for their own development they spent in Paris.
Andrey Tolstoy
(Journal “Our heritage” 104, 2012, nasledie-rus.ru)