16.06.18 - 30.07.18


St. Petersburg, ARTMUZA, 13 line of Vasilyevsky Island, 70-72, Gallery "C", 1st floor

 The exposition includes author’s painting, graphics and a sculpture of outstanding modern artists of St. Petersburg Arsen Avetissian, Valerik Apinyan, Armen and Olga Gasparyan.

Arsen Avetissian’s sculpture creates the unique world – it is that imperceptible side between internal, human, terrestrial and general, space, incomprehensible is that main line which the artist has to feel. This line passes through works by Arsen Avetissian, allowing them to teeter steadily on the brink of the general and private, profanny and sacral – Elena Tyunina.


The artist Valerik Apinyan is the bright representative of the picturesque school of 1990-2000 which is deservedly famous for the whole world for complexity of forms and juiciness of a palette. The cloths created in different years and taking the period of creative experiments of the artist entered an exposition, marking a new round of development of graphic skill of the author in the directions of abstractionism and vanguard of a new wave.


Armen and Olga Gasparyan soundly make the contribution to a genre of modern painting, graphics and a sculpture. Works of these brilliant artists open the directions of symbolism and mythology in the fine arts, steadily surprising with thin refinement of lines, depth of a plot and canonicity of an image of each character who is not casually involved in picture history.


The thematic texts which are snatched out by Olga from static stay and attached to creative work in Latin, French and Hebrew, frame as protective cartouches, picturesque compositions of the artist creating own mythology and vital hints.


The subject of an exhibition is turned to the present and the future through a prism of reconsideration of the accumulated experience and concludes the known observation – life – a game.


Following the shattering and invariable regularity, it is that territory where the main characters are we. A certain opponent is behind the scenes here and obviously has great opportunities and secret knowledge of laws of this game. To help to decide how to take the following step true, the reminder helps – the correctness of perception of the existing reality consists of laws of contrast and their balance. Eternally shaking pendulum, the symphony white and black. Images of the Labyrinth and a chess floor, dialogue of contrasts men’s and women’s, looking each other as in a mirror, the refined masks, clowns and kings who are theatrically interchanging the position near the thrones and pedestals steadily pass from one work into another, directing reflection to the area of the archaic symbols bringing the intuitive and metaphysical party of any phenomenon to the forefront. The plot of an exposition involves the viewer in a peculiar game and suggests everyone to pay attention to Magnum Opus of own way on this infinite and multilevel labyrinth of life.


Source: www.artmuza.spb.ru