26.12.19 - 26.12.19

Golf-evening “Golf. Game as art”



On December 26, 2019 in Form&Bronze Gallery a traditional golf evening “Golf. Game as Art” as part of the winter games season, timed to coincide with the upcoming holidays.

The best works from the collection of the Form&Bronze Gallery were presented at the gala evening. The works of the masters already known to our regular guests – Arsen Avetissian, Albert Avetissian, Andrey Ostashov, Sergey Kondrashkin, Gaspar (Armen Gasparyan), Aramare Vecchio; as well as new projects. The golf evening was joined by Sergey Kondrashkin, the author of the sculpture “King of animals”, which became the symbol of the Peterhof Golf Club, who told the guests about his works presented at the evening.

The exhibition featured works from the exclusive project “Two Sides of Creativity”, in which artists presented unique sculptures created by them in cooperation with the gallery. This time the project was supported by recognized Russian masters – Alexander Sigov, Nikolay Reznichenko and Alexey Kiryanov. The project received great recognition among the audience of the 45th Russian Antique Salon in Moscow, who noted the uniqueness of the idea and the quality of its implementation. Another project that attracted the attention of the public was the collaboration of the artist Alexander Krylov and the sculptor Aramare Vecchio. Krylov painted two Vecchio works “Adam and Eve” in his own artistic manner. His painting gave the sculptures a new sound, as if they came down to us from the garden of paradise.

Guests were able to see a whole cross-section of modern Russian painting, as the exhibition featured paintings by several current masters: Alexander Gerasimov, Pavel Pokidyshev, Alexander Sigov and Vitaly Valge. And, of course, the golf evening would not have been the same if it had not been for the sculpture project “Golf as Art”, embodied by Aramare Vecchio, which is already loved by all golfers. Queen, Churchill, Sherlock Holmes and Don Quixote took part in the tournament with the guests!


Golf in the form of patting golf tournament is always on the program of our traditional golf nights in St. Petersburg. And this time we have not deviated from this rule, because we know the unifying and fascinating power of golf. However, we had to postpone the start time of the tournament by one hour due to the great interest of the guests of the evening to the works that were presented at the gallery. Each guest received the most useful information on new works of famous sculptors and artists from the gallery manager Ksenia Antoshkina.

Patting golf tracks were provided by Anton Smirnov’s Mini Golf Centre. Format of the game: 9 holes (steam18) on the score of blows. Such a light format, given the timing of the event and the number of guests. Alexander Dityatin, three-time Olympic champion in gymnastics, who is a long-standing fan of golf, was chosen as the chief judge of the tournament.

The tournament was opened by the unexpected arrival of Santa Claus and it was a big surprise for us as organizers and for our guests. And it was very surprising and pleasant that Sergey Spitsyn, the President of St. Petersburg Golf Federation, acted in this role. He also established two prizes for hitting the hole with the first punch. Anton Smirnov and Nadezhda Zertsalova were lucky in this category and were the first to receive Christmas gifts.


The tournament was officially opened by the organizers: Form&Bronze Gallery of Contemporary Art in the person of Eduard Bychkov and Kseniya Antoshkina.

The tournament was attended by famous people of art and sport: sculptor Sergey Kondrashkin, artist and designer Kirill Ovchinnikov, CEO of the Golf Association of Russia Alexander Kochetkov, three-time Olympic champion in gymnastics Alexander Dityatin, artist and illustrator Ekaterina Matveeva.

Of course, it was impossible for a game to be without a replay for the 2nd place. Alexander Kochetkov and Anton Smirnov made the same number of blows – 17 blows each. Kochetkov won and took the second place. The third place went to Anton.

First place with a convincing result of 15 blows was taken by Igor Ivanov, who was also the official photographer of our evening.

Let’s name the winners of the traditional golf evening “Golf. Game as Art” during the winter games season, timed to coincide with the upcoming holidays:

1st place – Igor Ivanov – 15 strokes.

2nd place – Alexander Kochetkov – 17 blows

3rd place – Anton Smirnov – 17 blows

The winners of the tournament received prizes from our partners in the form of branded polo Form&Bronze, beautiful champagne “Lev Golitsyn”, unique author’s golf calendars for 2020 and author’s stylized golf pins created especially for this evening by Eduard Bychkov.


At the evening was presented a new golf calendar for 2020 with paintings by famous golf-illustrator Ekaterina Matveeva, made in the style of pin-up and the golfer ring, performed by the jewelry company “Akimov”, which was presented to CEO of the Golf Association of Russia Alexander Kochetkov.

We would like to thank our partners CJSC “Sparkling Wines” (brand “Lev Golitsyn”) and “Sport-Art” for creating a New Year’s atmosphere and providing gifts for the players.

Golf and the arts have teamed up thanks to the curator of “Golf. Game as Art” project Eduard Bychkov, who was presented with the sculpture “Reincarnation”, which marked the beginning of the whole project.

The partners of the golf evening:
CJSC “Sparkling Wines” – “Lev Golitsyn” brand.
LLC “SportArt” is a manufacturer of sports outfit.

Photographers of the golf evening:
Igor Ivanov
Nadezhda Zertsalova

The organizers of the golf night:
Form&Bronze Gallery of Contemporary Art
Eduard Bychkov
Ksenia Antoshkina
Olga Deyeva
St. Petersburg Mini Golf Association

Patting golf tracks:
Anton Smirnov’s mini-golf center.

Special prizes were provided by artist Eduard Shageev, fashion designer Alla Golibina and illustrator Ekaterina Matveeva.