15.03.19 - 15.03.19

Golf as art


Golf as art. The Season of spring golf-evenings in Saint-Petersburg is opened.


Form & Bronze gallery together with The Association of mini-golf of St. Petersburg opened on March 15, 2019 the Season of spring golf-evenings in St. Petersburg by an event “Golf as art”.

Within this event Form&Bronze Gallery and Association of mini-golf of St. Petersburg presented the new project of the sculptor of Aramare Vecchio devoted to the “Golf” theme.


Realizing clarity of his ideological plan and perfection of forms, you understand that the fine arts and golf, apparently, have never been as close as here and how precisely for the embodiment of common cause the style of Art deco is picked up.


“The presented collection of cabinet statues will decorate an interior, will be the embodiment of your prestige and will become a significant gift for your friends and partners. The series of bronze figures of the “Golf” series reveals bright images of the famous literary and historical characters, which unite in them virtuosity of execution and the English humour.


Aramare Vecchio presented how Churchill, the Queen Elizabeth, Sherlock Holmes with Doctor Watson, Don Quixote and Sancho Pans would play golf “.


In this creative fantasy and also in its expressive embodiment the author’s irony and desire to show a variety of characters of players is felt. Ah! It is so difficult sometimes to the golfer to constrain the emotions overflowing him in a rigid framework of etiquette. Having established the rules, Vecchio does not seek to create an ideal image of the player, he involves the viewer in the small performance of transformation which it puts on the stages of several European theaters. The author chooses the most expressive art decisions for the figures, perfectly depicts details of suits and finds effective foreshortenings. He uses all palette of opportunities of the patinated bronze. Strengthening a play of textures due to comparison of the rough and grinded to golden gloss surfaces, the master obtains the refinement of style.


“Golf is indeed a variety of characters of players, it is both sport and etiquette, the same with art. It is very pleasant to see that the Form&Bronze Gallery undertook the most difficult mission for creation and promotion of the new direction in art – Golf Art – through works of the famous sculptor Aramare Vecchio. Unbelievable transformations of known characters are executed in bronze. These are works for admiration and collecting”. ― Eduard Bychkov, The President of Association of mini-golf of St. Petersburg, golfer.


All arriving guests were hospitably met by the organizers of the event: Ksenia Antoshkina and Eduard Bychkov.


On this evening the first works from bronze in style of Art deco in Golf theme and also other works from bronze of the famous sculptors and picturesque paintings of gifted and recognized artists were shown to guests of the event.

Among the invited guests were present at the event: Alexander Dityatin, Three-time Olympic champion in gymnastics, Honorary President of Association of mini-golf of St. Petersburg; Anastasia Kuryokhina, Artistic director of Contemporary art center of Sergey Kuryokhin; Anna Petrova, Director of external relations of the State Academic Chapel of St. Petersburg; Boris and Svetlana Vakhrushevy, Dmitry Neyland, Adviser to the Director of Alexandrinsky Theatre; Irina Egorova and Aleksandra Lukina, Alexandrinsky Theatre; Elizabeth Narbut, Executive director of NGO StarLine; Maya Petrova, Partner of Borenius Law firm; Svetoslav Dobrev and Yulia Shtro, DeVere Group; Oleg Gladkovsky, talented St. Petersburg designer and creator of surprising floor lamps and desk lamps.


After the presentation of works of art the mini-golf tournament, which had rather fun format and was very successfully fitted into the atmosphere of evening was announced.


Played 12 holes on professional modular golf paths which were kindly provided by Anton Smirnov, the admirer of golf and the head of the GOULF Golf center.

Rules of the game were explained to participants of a tournament, there was a breakdown by flights and a game began.


The winners of the “Golf as Art” tournament became:

The 1st place — Vasily Chmouth (17 hits)

The 2nd place — Anton Smirnov (26 hits)

The 3rd place — Maxim Bulanov (27 hits)

The winners of a tournament won memorable prizes and gifts from partners and sponsors of an event. Beautiful color catalogs of Form&Bronze Gallery in the Russian and English languages were presented to all guests.

On an awards ceremony it was given the floor to Alexander Dityatin, the legendary Soviet and Russian athlete and to Perch Mirzoyan, the Director of CY Investments, who thanked organizers for a memorable event and an opportunity to see new works of art, to join golf and also just to communicate.


Association of mini-golf of St. Petersburg
GOULF golf center


Partners and sponsors:
The chain of Culinary benches “Two Geese”
State Academic Chapel of St. Petersburg
Alexandrinsky Theatre
CY Investments

Press center of Association of mini-golf of St. Petersburg

Photo: Alex Krivtsov