26.12.18 - 18.03.19

Gladiator fights

Nevsky Prospect, 57, Hotel "Corinthia"

Gallery Form & Bronze presents an exhibition of works by Albert Avetissian “Gladiator fights”. The works presented at the exhibition show the period from 1999 to 2015.


Albert Avetissian was born in 1949. He is the member of the Unit of painters in Armenia, Russia, the member of the Unit of professional painters of UNESCO, the member of The European Academy of Arts, the member of the Academy of Arts, also the Academy of Arts of Sciences and Literature of France.

Between 1970 and 1996 he has created more than 20 grand scale monuments, as well as numerous decorative compositions, which embellish today squares, administrative buildings, cultural and recreational centers in Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and France.


Through his creations, the author penetrates into the depths of the inner world of a person, revealing in his works the world of dramatic experiences of love and pleasure.


Female image is one of the leading in the works of Albert. The artist feels and understands him in a special way, so the works are full of grace and elegance. Each sculpture is unique in its own way. The sophisticated feminine appearance is embodied in the sculptures: «Solo», «Stealing Beauty», «Madame Butterfly» and many others.


In contrast to the smooth figures of women in the exhibition you can see the figures of courageous gladiators, who are embodied in the sculptures of « Fight» and «Victory». In these works, Albert Avetissian departs from the classical canons, which are expressed, for example, in the sculptures «Theatrical Night» and «Angel in love». The shapes of the depicted gladiators are made more abstract. For the expression of inner male power, Albert gives the sculptures more coarse and sharp forms, which is a counterbalance to the soft female outlines.


The exhibition is located in the hotel «Corinthia» at Nevsky Prospect, 57.