18.07.20 - 18.07.20


Leningradsky region. Golf Club Strawberry Fields


EUROPEAN LEXUS GOLF CHALLENGE was first held in Russia on July 18 at Strawberry Fields Golf Club in St. Petersburg. Players for European LEXUS GOLF CHALLENGE were selected as part of this tournament. For the first time in Russia a new VPAR online golf account system with a detailed map of the course was applied. The results were displayed on the big screen as on professional tournaments.

Form & Bronze Gallery presented the exhibition of its best works. In the Club House were installed sculptures such as “Chimera” by Andrey Ostashov, “Form of Love” by Aramare Vecchio with paintings by Alexander Krylov and works from the series “Golf” by Aramare Vecchio and Sergey Kondrashkin. During the tournament, special attention was paid to the sculptures “Chimera” and “The Form of Love”, which became one of the most popular photo zones of the event.


The event was accompanied by master classes and test drives from Lexus Primorsky and Lexus Parnassus teams. As one of the sponsors of the tournament, the winners were awarded gift certificates from the gallery, and the winner of the European Lexus Golf Challenge, Mikhail Adaskin, was presented with a bronze sculpture “Form of Love” by Aramare Vecchio.

Musical design of the day, DJ on the sound car, was organized by the RED BULL team near the tent of the same name, where participants and guests of the event were waiting at a bar with drinks. In the evening, Walt Disney’s “Triumph” movie was screened on the terrace. Right out in the open air!

On the materials of the Golf Club “Strawberry Fields”.
Photo by Igor Ivanov