14.05.18 - 24.06.18

Dance ode. Ballet

Moscow, Gostiny Dvor, Crystal Lane, 1, section 84, gallery "Dresden"

Dance theme, which  became  the most important for the gallery Form &Bronze, got a progress in the following project “Dance ode. Ballet”, presenting an art of modern Petersburg artists. Permanent participants and new authors will expect one more time to praise a brilliant plastique and a magic beauty of this event.

     The exhibition which was opened in the center of Moscow together with the gallery “Dresden” differs from its variety of artistic intentions, the richness of ballet impressions and the revival of traditions. Every artist reverently and emotionally went through a fancy of dance art, importing in works its soul, harmony, passion, drama, irony and triumph.
      Heroines of Antroshenko’s canvases are passionate and sensual sorts, passing over dance expression. They are in a power of emotions. Their mental position is  on the edge of virtuous femininity and flickering eroticism. He paints faces, whose delicacy features are emphasized with a gracefulness of movements. Bright pallet of his works with the domination of scarlet colors intensifies feelings’ temper of beauties, emotional intensity of their experience.
       At the exhibition a series of beautiful Antroshenko’s drawings is presented and a picturesque painting – “petition” which arrests by its pearl and blue color, freshness and cleanness of a pallet.

For the artist Sergey Bakin a ballet is a power, embodied in a fragile illusive dancers’ figures. He sees after his favorite models during repetition, in the moments of rest and communication. More often ballet dancers are represented from the back, sometimes half face, extended in a string or leg split. A spectacular doesn’t see their emotional condition, but feels intention – the result of colossal work. Despite impressional drawing nature and blur, it’s amazed how beautifully is conveyed body’s plastic and movements’ lightness.

Spectacular, puppet dance world of Natalia Makovetskaya attract us of its bright and fruity color pallet. Pointed decorativeness of her works strengthens a ring of presented plots. Towards us are unfolded dramatic events from the ballet “Icarus”. In the images of main performers we recognize favorite artists – E. Maksimova and V. Vasilieva. The paintress addresses to the image of the famous ballet dancer Alicia Markova, which was dancing in the troop of S. Diagelev. N. Makovetskaya represents her on the field of H. Matisse’s picture “Dance”, trying to repeat plastics of movements of famous figures.

Mosaic works of Zaza Kharabadze is a beautifully outcompeted theatre improvisation of an artistic thought. Through a fascinating rhythm of color spots, he can transform reality in which his ballet dancers live. Temperamentally, brightly, plastically expressively the painter told about his impression about ballet.
           Fantastic personages of Galina Korostik live their own puppet life, not noticing with what interest a spectator examines them. In the works with intriguing us plots such a lot of details. How will the dating of Don Giovanni and Anna finish, who will be charmed of an aroma of iris and who will take the last drop of perfume? Costume presentations of Galina Korostik are very close to the aesthetics of painters “art world”, who created decorations for Russian seasons in Paris in the beginning of the XX century.
             Elegant ballet plastique interprets Aramare Vecchio’s sculpture at the exhibition.The master personifies art of dance in bronze, introducing us with the images of Russian ballet stars: Isadora Duncan, Tamara Krasavina, Maya Plisetskaya, Uliana Lopatkina, Svetlana Zakharova, Rudolf Nuriev and many others. Aramare Vecchio finds expressive artistic decisions, beautifully outplays costume’s details, uses all pallet of resources of polychromic patina, strengthening a game of different textures and a contrast of color stains. Aramare Vecchio achieves style’s preciosity thanks to mastership of acting, laconic decorative finishing and effective figures’ views.

One-night stand of Petersburg artists in Moscow continue till June. To enjoy a color and elegant plastique of dance, to feel a beauty of every his quivering moment you can not only in the Bolshoi Theatre but in a wonderful exhibition “Dance ode. Ballet”.

Natalia Popova – art critic