20.10.18 - 28.10.18

44th Russian Antique Salon

Moscow, Central House of Artists, 10/14

From October 20 to October 28, the 44th Russian Antique Salon took place in Moscow in the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val. The gallery Form & Bronze took part in this event.  The works presented at the exhibition by this gallery demonstrate the evolution of Russian national art.


The beginning of the 19th century opens with the works of A. Egorov. His works has features of academic traditions and also a reflection of the neoclassicism style dominant at that time. The works of authors as Anzimirova N. and Khamdamov R. can be considered as a transitional period to a new art. Paintings of Rabin O. and Bogomolov G. show the peak moment of Soviet art – nonconformism. In their works we can see the connection of actual social themes with expressive metaphysical images.


The end of this «evolutionary path» is the artistic works of contemporary authors. Gerasimovs`s A. paintings has its own bright and unique style. The works of Sigov A. is mysterious and due to this attract attention. Using images of past centuries the artist creates his own world.

Mostly, modern art was represented by sculptures and each of them is self-sufficiency. In sculptures of Albert Avetisyan often appears female image and author creates it in a special way. Arsen Avetissian has developed his own artistic language with clear forms and lines. Often, the faces of his characters are hidden under masks, but gestures and poses accurately show the emotional state. For the sculpture of Kryukov G., the dominant line carries body language and rapid dynamics. A. Gasparyan has his own artistic language, which stands on the combination of classical traditions and new plastic forms. His paintings are shrouded in «Renaissance haze and mysticism». The dominant heroes of Gasparyan are women, harlequins, jesters. Dynamic poses are demonstrated by the sculptor Vecchio. In the living and so detailed works of Kodrashkin S., it can be assumed, that realism borders on surrealism. Each work of the author has a mythological meaning. Ostashov A. creates modern mythology. In his plastic, the line between the real and the imaginary world is erased.


The collection of the Form & Bronze gallery is extensive. Each master is truly unique, with his own individual creative manner.