Vitaly Valge

Born in 1956. Graduated from Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of I.E. Repin (1983, St. Petersburg). The artist-architect, also engaged in design of interiors. Member of the Union of Artists since 1985.

Vitaly Valge is a poet and artist, a real romantic. He talentedly invents new cities, filling them with life and energy.

In his works cities are fragmented: a square, a column, a bridge, an arch, a pavilion: all elements are uniform and proportional. Only powerful and energy emitting trees stand everywhere and above everything.

The Valge landscapes are very musical, each part is subject to a rhythm set by the artist. It’s as if the trees and architecture unfold in a dance, intertwining and rolling in a spiral.

The colour palette of Vitaly is spicy: there is cinnamon and turmeric, ginger and some lavender, cocoa. His paintings resemble a pastel, thanks to the subtlety of the coat of paint, delicacy and a sense of tenderness that it necessarily awakens.