Andrey Smirnov

He was born in Nizhny Novgorod in 1960. He finished Theatre College in Nizhny Novgorod.

He finished Saint-Petersburg State Academic Institute of painting sculpture and architecture named by Repin (the workshop of Reihet). The Member of the Union of Russian Artists since 1997. The participant of exhibitions in Paris, London, Shanghai, Hamburg, Leon, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg.

Andrey Smirnov is the Member of the Union of Russian Artists, one of the most familiar and excellent painters in Russia.
In 2015 at the end of collective exhibition “Tenth Muse” in the National Museum of Baden – Baden conducted by the support of Russian – Austrian cultural fund, the Museum’s Direction asked to present the artist’s painting as a gift for the museum’s collection.

Personal exhibitions:
2000 The blue sitting room of the Union of Artists, Saint-Petersburg;
Lyon, Paris, France;
1998-2002 Summer garden, Saint-Petersburg;
2003 Hamburg, Germany;
2004 Tretyakov’s gallery, Saint-Petersburg;
the gallery “Astrosoft”, Saint-Petersburg;
2005 “White dress”, the gallery “S.P.A.S.”, Saint-Petersburg;
Group exhibitions:
1997-2005 The Union of Artists ( Leningrad Organization of the Union of Artists), Saint-Petersburg ;
1997 Jubilee exhibitions of the Union of Artists in the central exhibition hall “Manezh”, Saint-Petersburg;
2003 Jubilee exhibitions of the Union of Artists in the central exhibition hall “Manezh”, Saint-Petersburg;
2005 Art Manezh, The Exhibition Hall “Manezh”, Moscow;
“The exhibition of Petersburg Artists”, The Museum Geelvink Hinlopen Huis (the gallery “S.P.A.S.”) Amsterdam, Netherlands;
“Saint-Petersburg Artists”, The exhibition of the gallery “S.P.A.S.”, De Veik, Netherlands;
2006 The exhibition of the gallery “S.P.A.S.”, Bordeaux, France;
The exhibition of the gallery “S.P.A.S.”, The Museum Geelvink Hinlopen Huls, Amsterdam, Holland;
2010 “Modern romantics” , the gallery “S.P.A.S.” at the open Art Fair in Utrecht, Netherlands;
«From Russia with love”, the exhibition of the gallery “S.P.A.S.”, Florence, Italy;
2011 The gallery “S.P.A.S.” At the Fair “Art & Antiques in The Hague, Netherlands.