Andrew Mare (Andrew Atroshenko) was born in 1965.

He began his art education at nine years old. He underwent all educational steps: children’s art school, college and Academy of arts. In 1997  he finished the workshop of easel painting under the direction of Neprintsev.

Since 1999 he successfully works at the American market. During 2000 he cooperated with the company MBI for creation sketches and petty plastics for collectible sculptural projects.

In 2002-2003 some works were  successfully represented in Sotheby’s Internet Auctions. Since 2005 for 2010 he had a contract with the biggest publishing company Collectors Editions in  California conducting a program for output of prints with painter’s originals.

In 2006 became the winner of  portrait competition of American Artists Professional League’s Frank and the owner of the Medal of Honor (Grand National Exhibition in New York).

In 2007 he got professional and spectator’s recognition and award “Public admiration “ – People’s Choice Award in the international competition of Canada Portrait Society. Works on the topic of flamenco, ballet and jazz are frequently used on the festivals and theatre posters in Spain, Brazil and Russia.

The participant of various exhibitions in Western Europe, USA and Great Britain. Works are located in private collections of USA, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, France, Italy.