Bronze, casting, patinating, plating, stone
57*39*40 cm, 2014 year

Shiva (Sanskrit Siva – “good, kind, favorable”).

According to the legends Shiva lived about 5-7 thousands years ago and was declared all authorities of the time as the greatest mahasiddh (reached fully  perfection). Puranas contain many descriptions of Shiva sitting on the Tibetan mountain Kailash absorbed in meditation. Shiva has transformed his physical body in a form immortal golden light. He symbolizes one of the third aspects of a godly perfection – the aspect of a godly power. Shiva is described as a deity carrying goodness and also disasters. Shiva can be called a power destroying the universe in the end of her existence. This is the power which destroys vices in the process of mental improvement. Shiva is the highest human’s consciousness.

The author has an interesting interpretation of this historical and divine story. He sees Shiva strong but not militant. The author is right to describe him in an extremely uncomfortable manner. Only in such a complicated way holding down his body balance and leaning on a powerful sword, he keeps harmony in the world. You can notice that he is delving into the deep meditation. This is absolutely new vision. There is almost nothing from a classical description of Shiva’s appearance. There is no river Gang in the hair, no snakes on the neck, no blue color of skin. But an essential mental energy passes over by the author very delicate. Shiva is not here, not in our space. He is the highest, cosmic, divine deity, but not far, close and tangible.