Patinated bronze, casting
49*40*118 cm, 2015 year

Is it possible to see freedom? To feel, to realize… A complex, subjective definition. What happens to us when we achieve this most desirable, most cherished goal? We stop running. We are reborn. Our consciousness expands, and it is immense. It’s out of bounds. We can see things that those chained to stereotypes won’t see. Freedom is what’s inside us. In our souls, in our hearts, in our heads. In essence, freedom is a hidden emotion. Hidden from sight. You don’t have to look, you have to free your gut.

For a creative person, freedom is a “blue dream”. It is an opportunity to open infinite horizons of thought to your consciousness, to release your feelings and passion. Butterflies – as a symbol of the “blue dream”. If you are overwhelmed by these feelings, you must release them. They’ll still tear you apart from the inside… Release is the only way.