Kansey “Holy sword”

Bronze, casting, minting, patinating, plating
30*37*39 cm, 2015 year

In front of us there is one of the most famous and appreciated samurai in Japan – Miamoto Musasi. By his thirty years Musasi became unconquerable fighter. For his unrivaled art of fencing he got a proud  nickname “Kansey” which means “Holy sword”.

He was born in 1584 in Japan in the fervor of the fight for the revival of  the whole empire after the period of 4 centuries feuds. Musasi from his birth ranked to samurai but from coming to power Tokugawa Iajasu who was nominated as tycoon, more attention devotes to bureaucracy and big provincial armies begin to abolish. Samurai in one moment turned out to be unemployed wanderers – “ronins”. One of these ronins became Miamoto Musasi. Considering that they had no money, they became painters, artists and farmers. But Musasi wasn’t ready to condone with such a fate. He chose the way Kendo which means – the way of sword

To practice Kendo, a person should overcome himself, endure heaviness of harass trainings and keep cold blood before danger. The way of sword means not only fencing training but also life according to the honor code