TAO Sergey Kondrashkin

Hercules and the Nemean Lion

patinated bronze, casting
54*40*103 cm, 2012 year

Because of madness attack Herakles killed his children, he had to serve Mycenaean King Afrisfey until he hasn’t done twelve commissions. The first commission was to kill Nemean lion. Heracles choked off the lion and brought his skin to Mycenae as an evidence for the committed deed and his inhuman power. Mythologies of different nations describing a hero obligatory mention his divine partial for example Heracles is Zeus’ son, Gilgamesh is on two thirds a god, on one third a human. Pointing to the world conditions and to that reason which lead the hero through trials guiding him through the underground world. After that the hero ranks to the array of gods or as in mesoamerican epos “Popol Vuh” becomes a great shaman. It can be seen that mythological hero passes trials as though ascending the steps.  Allegorically the victory on Nemean lion became for Heracles the step of curbing physical nature.