TAO Sergey Kondrashkin


patinated bronze, casting
12*12*19 cm, 2015 year

“Epos about Gilgamesh everything seen”- one of the oldest literature. Written on a clay tablets it is dated XXIV BC. Being on two thirds a god, on one third a person, he ties himself up in knots from a rave power inside. And with his blood brother Ankidu set forth to the deeds. After gods take away Ankidu,  disconsolate Gilgamesh finding immortality goes to the world where Utnapishti lives (the only one whom gods inherit immortality). Utnapishti tells how to find an immortality flower in the deep of water. Finding a flower  Gilgamesh falls a sleep and a snake steels a flower. After the snake regenerates and slips her skin. Gilgamesh returns to his kingdom Uruk and and stays there to rule. This composition, written on twelve clay tablets turns up to describe characters of twelve zodiacal signs. There are vicarious indications on them in the text.