Andrey Ostashov


Patinated bronze, casting
124*37*49 cm, 2019 year

Chimera is a monster from Greek mythology. The first mention of Chimera belongs to Homer in chapter 6 of the Iliad. He described it as a creature with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a snake. But the world image in mythology of the chimera was a little different. According to Geocidal description, it’s a three-headed beast with a lion’s head, another goat’s head on its back and a snake’s head on a tail.

According to legends, chimera was born by Typhon (the mighty giant) and Yehidna (the half-female half-snake), and fed and raised by the Lycian king Amisodar. This beast lived on top of Mount Krage, in a vent. From time to time, the chimera spewed flames and terrified the surrounding villages.

The powerful body structure and qualities of the three animals make chimera worthy opponents in battle. Lion’s power, snake trickery and resourcefulness can’t be compared to many monsters. It can hit its victims with poison, or attack from the sky with whipping horns and tearing claws. The spewing flame leaves ashes from its victims.

No matter how many legends there are, one thing is clear: chimera is a fantastic monster that represents the forces of evil and vices. These are all kinds of mutants and monsters of indescribable species, as well as illusions, unfulfilled fantasies and dreams.