Theater Of Arsen

Sculpture of this artist now already page in the history of skill. Page one-piece, finished and thoroughly edited by it by itself, even with the life. It was happy person and real man, who carries full responsibility for everything which makes. About this speak its works – by clearness of silhouettes, in the state of adjustment of lines, by the accordion of forms. The sculptures of Arsen are completed with these lung, elegant craftsmanship, with this sparkling vital force, that reliably shield the confronting after them long-standing labor, the mastery of handicraft habits, meditation, the searches, victories and failures.

Arsen in thirty three years of the life, tempered it on the earth, created its unique peace – being sparked by happiness, that philosophizes, that weeps, that moans from its filled love. Sculpture whether this, either rare intricate adornments or the precious toys, into which it cannot be played a little, because they themselves do play with each other and with us?

The pantheon of its heroes is erected in the bright number, which very reminds of the characters of comedy Dale [Arte]. Although the similarity this only removed, is faster by analogy, than actually. Beauties and buffoons, originated by the fantasy of artist, skillfully fulfill their roles in the refined plays. Their faces are hidden under the masks, but the speech of poses and gestures is maximally expressive and precise. Arsen speaks in the language of the bodies of its heroes. Perhaps, this is the most important and most ingenious plastic motion, found by sculptor.

Here is chute – it, certainly, king. Silver of detail shines, the bends of body are elegant, the turning of head is elegant. It – perfection. It is splendid, as it is splendid and its cracker – queen. And nevertheless it has entirely another nature and another role: in this complex role there is much text. In the left hand it holds large key from the secret door in the happiness or from its own heart. But the palm of right hand is bent in the mysterious gesture – asserting and questioning simultaneously. It distinctly is turned to the spectator, in this case demonstrating the perfection of its forms and the elegance of motions. About which she speaks – each will hear itself. That which will be able or will want.

But here actress plays night, expressively tarrying, it fixes look into the celestial spheres. And the craftsmanship of reincarnation demonstrates, depicting day – it stopped, after squatting for short leisure, it recovered breath, it turned away face- mask from the burning sun.

Favored by sculptor- director the genre of erotic play – hymn of sensuality, life and happiness of love. The fantasy of artist interlaces the bodies of heroes into the refined compositions, connecting them into one harmonious whole. These scenes are intimate, filled with words and music, they are excellent and intelligible to spectator – but each will hear this music in in own way own way.

This elusive division between the internal, the human, the terrestrial and the universal, the space, the incomprehensible is that outstanding feature, which the artist must feel. This feature passes through the works Of sculptor, making possible for them stably to balance on the face of general and quotient, profaning and sacral.

The range of interests and creative possibilities of sculptor is wide, it freely is turned with any theme. It is democratic and intelligible to spectator in the most diverse manifestations of its topical experiments and plastic searches. The tariff, established on one of the streets Of city Zelenogorsk amuses numerous spectators by the amusement mask, which looks out of the hearth of tail, and in the adjacent square – small bronze mouse lurked under the loaves of bread, lying on the pedestal. And here, through the road – entirely by different, the very serious monument to the victims of Russian- Finnish war. This is the last work of artist, who prematurely left from the life.

Quite lyric, philosophically filled thing, which plays by senses and by the refined lines – sculpture “a little sun in the cold water”. Sad theatrical mask, framed by hand- branches, as if by the laurel garland of antique god. This work can be considered the generalizing symbol of entire its skill, the emblem of original and surprising theater, theater of the sculpture Of Arsen.

Helen Tyunina