20.05.16 - 05.06.16

“Parallel reality” by TAO Sergey Kondrashkin

Saint-Petersburg, "Artlot 24"

Since  the 20th of May for the 5th of June in the exhibition hall of on-line Art auction “Artlot 24” on Mohovaya, 32 there will be an exhibition “Parallel reality”, representing actual sculpture and graphics by Saint-Petersburg painter TAO Sergey Kondrashkin.

Sergey Kondrashkin’s works though report the world that parallel reality exists. Old mythology images, esoteric and Christian esthetics personalized in bronze, damask steel and iron create reality varied from the daily life. In this unreal world prevails harmony and senses common correlation of events. Metal and stone lock the space in funny compositions, weightless silhouettes levitate in the air with dynamics and lightness overwhelming for this material. Enraged pieces of iron threw away to the junkyard, the painter transforms to the art works, endowing the history with new senses that metal keeps.

Sergey Kondrashkin’s graphics evolves mythological plots. A series of icons “Gilgamesh and Ankidu” narrates a story  of archaic Heroes’ feats glorifying in Sumerian legends.