Vadim Bo

He was born in 1973, Lipetsk.

Since 1990 for 1991 was taught a profession of instaurator.

In 1996 he graduated from Lipetsk State Pedagogical University (artistic and graphics faculty, graduate, bachelor).

He lives and works in Saint-Petersburg since 2002. Since 2010 he teaches an author course of a multilayer painting “Mysteries of a surface”.

The member of commonwealth of artists in Russia (Saint-Petersburg, 2005)

The member of an international association “World nations’ art” (Moscow, 2000)

The member of a partnership free culture (Saint-Petersburg, 2006)

The member of journalists’ union (Lipetsk, 2001)

The member of professional union of writers (Voronezh, 1999)


His works are in these collections:

The Museum of renegade art (Spb)

The Museum of the international association “world nations’ art” (Moscow)

The fund of a historic photography named by Karl Bulla (Spb)

The center of modern art named by Diaghilev by the Saint-Petersburg State University (Spb)


In a private collections:

In Russia, America, Great Britain, Japan, Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Europe countries.

Among other in the collection of American actor John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston. In the Catholic Church in Manchester (Great Britain).

2000 Personal exhibition. The gallery “Nikor” (Russian national exhibition hall, Moscow).
2001 Alla Bulianskaya’s Gallery (Central House of Artists, Moscow).
Painters’ exhibition of Alla Bulianskaya’ gallery (Philadelphia, USA).
Art salon Central House of Artists – 2001 (Central House of Artists, Moscow).
The exhibition hall of Moscow commonwealth of artists.
2002 Personal exhibition. The gallery “Spas” (Spb).
The festival “Master class” (Central exhibition hall Manezh, Saint-Petersburg).
2003 The painters’ exhibition of central Russia regions (Central exhibition hall of Lipetsk commonwealth of artists).
Central exhibition hall, Saint-Petersburg, commonwealth of artists.
2004 Personal exhibition. The gallery “Borey” (Spb).
Personal exhibition. International institute of management (Spb).
The central exhibition hall, Saint-Petersburg, commonwealth of artists.
The festival “Master class” (Marble hall in anthropological museum, Central exhibition hall Manezh, Saint-Petersburg).
The festival “From avant-garde till present days”(exhibition hall, Saint-Petersburg, commonwealth of artists.
2005 “All Saint-Petersburg – 2004” (Central exhibition hall, Manezh, Saint-Petersburg).
Christmas exhibition in the gallery “Di- Di” (Saint-Petersburg).
2006 Personal exhibition. The museum of renegade art (Spb).
Personal exhibition. The gallery “Bella Casa” (Spb).
Personal exhibition. Cultural and educational center “Agora” (Spb).
The festival of an art center Pushkinskaya – 10 (Saint-Petersburg).
The museum of Renegade art (Saint-Petersburg).
The festival “From avant-garde till present days” (Saint-Petersburg).
International Biennalle of graphics, the Central exhibition hall Manezh (Saint-Petersburg).
Exhibition hall Saint-Petersburg Commonwealth of artists.
Christmas exhibition in the gallery “Di- Di” (Saint-Petersburg).
2007 Personal exhibition. Central exhibition hall of Lipetsk commonwealth of artists.
Personal exhibition. The gallery “Di-Di” (Spb).
“All Petersburg – 2006” (Central exhibition hall Manezh, Spb).
The festival “From avant-garde till present days” (exhibition hall Spb, commonwealth of artists).
“Mini- art”, the gallery “Kino-fot- 703” (Spb).
Exhibition hall Spb, commonwealth of artists.
2008 Personal exhibition. Cultural center “Agora” (Spb).
The museum of renegade art (Spb, Pushkinskaya – 10).
“50 years of Lipetsk commonwealth of artists” (Central exhibition hall of Lipetsk commonwealth of artists).
The festival “Colored people” (club “Place” Spb).
The gallery “Matiss club (Spb) participation in auction.
The gallery “Art” (Lipetsk).
2009 Personal exhibition. Exhibition sale “A trap for hares” (Spb).
“All Petersburg 2008” ( Spb, Manezh).
The museum of renegade art (Spb, Pushkinskaya-10).
The gallery “Spas” (Spb).
An international festival “Sea level” (central exhibition hall Manezh, Spb).
“Human in the city” (Russian house of science and culture, Berlin).
2010 Personal exhibition. The gallery “Matiss club” (Spb).
Personal exhibition. Central exhibition hall Manezh, small hall (Spb).
Personal exhibition. The gallery “Glass” Rosvuzdesign (Spb).
“All Petersburg – 2009” (Central exhibition hall Manezh).
The gallery “Spas” (Spb).
Internet auction of a gallery art (Moscow).
“The main thing isn’t a name, it’s a painting”, the gallery “Ekspo-88” (Moscow).
“An image of death in art” ( Michael Shemiakin’s fund, Spb).
2011 Personal exhibition. Jewish communal cultural center (Spb).
Personal exhibition. «Natasha-Li Gallery» (Helsinki).
Personal exhibition. The gallery “Spas” (Spb).
“All Petersburg – 2010” (Central exhibition hall Manezh).
A competition of fine art dedicated to 300 years of Alexander Nevskaya Lavra (Spb). A certificate in nomination “For aesthetics in revelation of competition’s theme”.
“Natasha-Li Gallery” (Helsinki, Finland).
“Life environtment” (Central exhibiton hall Manezh, Small hall, Spb).
An international photo competiton named by Karl Bulla ” epoch’s visible traces” (fond of historical photography named by Karl Bulla, Spb) the 3d place in the nomination “City landscape”.
2012 Personal exhibition. Hotel “Angleter” (Spb).
“All Petersburg – 2011” (Central exhibition hall Manezh).
“North-South” (Central exhibition hall, Small hall, Spb).
2013 Personal exhibition. Art space “Sea” (Spb).
Personal exhibition. The gallery “Bolkonskiy” (Lipetsk).
“All Petersburg – 2012” (Central exhibition hall Manezh, Spb).
“A chair in art” (Michael Shemiakin’s fond, Spb).
The exhibition dedicated to 300 years of Alexander Nevskaya Lavra (Spb).
2014 Personal exhibition. Sergienko’s gallery (Spb).
Personal exhibition. The center of art and music named by Mayakovsky (Spb).
Personal exhibition. Artistic cluster “Art muse” (Spb).
Personal exhibition. Design center Artplay (Moscow).
Art space loft “Artmusa”(Spb).
“Six hills” (Gallary Bolkonskiy, Lipetsk).
“Dolce Vita. Federico Fellini: parable and carnival” (new exhibition hall of the state city sculpture museum, Spb).
“Word” (International fund of Slavic writing and culture, Moscow).
IV Baltic biennalle of modern art, New museum (Spb).
2016 Personal exhibition. The gallery “Gate” (Kaliningrad) together with Stas Kazimov.
Personal exhibition. The state building “Congress palace, management of President’s business (Spb).
Personal exhibition. The gallery of modern art by the state museum of decorative art in Tatarstan (Kazan).
“Text in art” (Michael Shemiakin’s fund, Spb).
“Antiquity” (new exhibition hall of The State City sculpture museum, Spb).
Art – Vienna (Vienna, Austria, Galerie am Roten Hof is presented).
Art – Russia (Nizhniy Novgorod).
Biennalle of the author’s book and book graphics (exhibiton hall IFA, Spb).
Autumn 2016 (exhibition hall Spb commonwealth of artists, Spb).
2017 Anniversary exhibition commonwealth of artists Spb (Central exhibition hall Manezh, Spb).