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Vadim Bo

He was born in 1973, Lipetsk.

Kronstadt in October

oil on canvas, mixed media

90*70 cm, 2003 year


oil on canvas, mixed media

50*70 cm, 2006 year

Vadim Bo

He was born in 1973, Lipetsk.

Since 1990 for 1991 was taught a profession of instaurator.

In 1996 he graduated from Lipetsk State Pedagogical University (artistic and graphics faculty, graduate, bachelor).

He lives and works in Saint-Petersburg since 2002. Since 2010 he teaches an author course of a multilayer painting “Mysteries of a surface”.

The member of commonwealth of artists in Russia (Saint-Petersburg, 2005)

The member of an international association “World nations’ art” (Moscow, 2000)

The member of a partnership free culture (Saint-Petersburg, 2006)

The member of journalists’ union (Lipetsk, 2001)

The member of professional union of writers (Voronezh, 1999)


His works are in these collections:

The Museum of renegade art (Spb)

The Museum of the international association “world nations’ art” (Moscow)

The fund of a historic photography named by Karl Bulla (Spb)

The center of modern art named by Diaghilev by the Saint-Petersburg State University (Spb)


In a private collections:

In Russia, America, Great Britain, Japan, Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Europe countries.

Among other in the collection of American actor John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston. In the Catholic Church in Manchester (Great Britain).