Serget Fert

Sergey Fert is a contemporary St. Petersburg artist and sculptor. After working for 12 years as a restorer in the State Hermitage in the Department of Decorative and Applied Art, Sergey decides to create his own works of art, replacing wood with metal. The main directions in his work were the philosophy of being and the attempt to capture the elusive states of soul.


Form & Bronze gallery presents art objects by Sergey Fert made on wood and covered with non-ferrous metal alloy in the technique of metal plastics. “Metal as a symbol of life-affirming aesthetics, especially revered by the most ancient peoples, became for him a material carrier of ideas and images. The master believes that it is metal, with its mysteriously shimmering glare of durability, as a conductor that more openly conveys the meanings it captures. Symbiosis of a fine connoisseur of music and the artist, the desire and ability to translate the experience into an original artistic form, found its expression in the original language of Sergey Fert, based on the archetypes hidden in the depths of human consciousness. (A. Roschina)


“Sergey Fert’s original artistic language appeals directly to the senses, or rather to the intuition of the unexplored. His Art Objects are a kind of constructivist plasticity, which is formed on the basis of an originally developed technology that connects pecking, stamping metal, integrating applied elements, followed by volume and color adjustments, copper and tin alloys, sometimes, depending on the task – surface oxidation “. (D. Severukhin)