Pavel Pokidyshev

Renaissance paintings by Pavel Pokidyshev is a dream world open to thoughtful contemplation and reflection. But each of his artistic expression requires from the viewer sensitive and wise reading, which is bound to respond sympathetic echo in his heart. Pavel Pokidyshev is a Russian artist, member of the Union of Artists of Russia, born in 1965 in Penza, now living in St. Petersburg. Pavel Pokidyshev studied at Penza art school of K.A. Savitskiy (1980 – 1984), St. Petersburg Academy of Arts of I.E. Repin (1987-1993) in a monumental workshop led by National Artist, Academician A.A. Mylnikov. His solo exhibitions took place in Russia and abroad – Guildford in the UK; Berlin, Esslingen, Potsdam in Germany; Kirkenes, Oslo, Bergen in Norway; Delft, The Netherlands. Paintings of Pokidyshev are in private collections in Russia, China, America, England, Germany, Holland, Denmark and France.

His art is based on historical artistic traditions, expressive elements, images and symbols. His work has become the embodiment of modern ideas of St. Petersburg in painting and drawing. In all his paintings one can feel the soul of St. Petersburg, according to his chosen style of past times, intelligent sophistication and chosen manner of using the painting space with a brightly expressed pattern-graphic rhythm. Pavel Pokidyshev creates his own world in the paintings, populated by characters who seem to come from the era of the late Renaissance, or from the brilliant eighteenth century.

Renaissance paintings by Pavel Pokidyshev evoke associations with vintage music boxes, secret spring is already cocked, but the strings and bells are silent, replaced by silence of precious colorful, graphic improvisations. However, looking at the works of Pavel Pokidyshev one can easily imagine the costumed holiday music – sounds of the harpsichord, violin, copper signal of hunting horn, clapping salute, timid whisper of lovers, unprecedented singing birds or the rustle of falling leaves, a melancholy, which dissolves in the resonating void timelessness.