Nikolay Reznichenko

He was born in 1958 in Saratov province, village Ershov. Finishing school in Slovyansk, he begins study in navigable college in Kerch, then was employment (Kiev), then  was the study in an artistic school in Krasnodar.

In Kostomuksha (Kareliya) where Nikolay lived since 1982, he worked on the building area, later taught painting and graphics in an art class. There in Kareliya (1986) was the first big exhibition , it success defined the participation of painter’s works in many expositions. A great influence on his painting gave a practice of icons restore.

Since 1989 he lives and works in Saint-Petersburg.

Painter’s works are found in private collections in Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Great Britain, France, Switzerland and USA.

Paintings of Nikolay Reznichenko were used for forming a row of books:

– Antonina Karinova. There lived a girl… Genio Loci Publishers, 2011.

– Ekaterina Lavinskaya. Painting in poems. Petrocenter Publisher, 2012.

– Victor Pelevin. From the life of insects. Aksmo Publisher, 2015.

-Nikolay Suvorov. Gallery affair. 2015.

1992 Flat exhibition Fontanka, 52, Saint-Petersburg.



In  this period was made a series of paintings for forming albums  CD of classic music “Mazur Media”, Germany.
Gallery “Nevskiy 20”, Saint-Petersburg.
1995 Gallery “Nevskiy 20”, Saint-Petersburg.
1996 Gallery “Eva” Saint-Petersburg.
1997 Saint-Petersburg. Manezh.
Gallery “Petrovskiy ravelin”, Saint-Petersburg.
Personal exhibition in the gallery “Nevskiy 20”, Saint-Petersburg.
1998 Saint-Petersburg. Manezh.
Personal exhibition in the gallery “Nevskiy 20”, Saint-Petersburg.
1999 “Russian winter 99”, Leipzig, Germany.
“Luke & A Gallery”, London.
Personal exhibition “Russian winter 99”, Leipzig, Germany.
Personal exhibition in the gallery “Nevskiy 20”, Saint-Petersburg.
Art Saint-Petersburg, Moika 93, Saint-Petersburg.
2000 “Luke & A Gallery”, London.
“Luke & A Gallery”, Women and cats, London.
2001 “Luke & A Gallery”, Saint-Petersburg art, London.
2003 Personal exhibition in the gallery “Nevskiy 20”, Saint-Petersburg.
“Avangard on Neva” The Tretyakov gallery, Moscow.
2004 Exhibition “Petersburg” Manezh Saint-Petersburg.
2005 Artmanezh 2005 . Moscow.
Personal exhibition in the art gallery “Masters’guildship” Saint-Petersburg.
Flat exhibition of Vadik Voronin memory. Saint-Petersburg.
2006 Gallery “Mirror”. Moscow.
2007 Gallery “Picnic”, Saint-Petersburg.
Gallery “Mirror”, Moscow.
Galleries’ parade “Dialogues”, Saint-Petersburg.
2008 Personal exhibition in the halls IFA. Jubilee exhibition “50 years”, Nevskiy 60, Saibt-Petersburg.
Gallery “Mirror”. The fair “Art-Petersburg”.
Gallery “Nevskiy 20”, Saint-Petersburg.
2009 Gallery “ROS”. Moscow.
2010 Вxhibition 15 painters. Galerie Mirafiori. Turin.
Exhibition from Saint-Petersburg with love. Galleria via larga. Florence.
Exhibition “Baltic bolt” Derzhavin museum, Saint-Petersburg.
Exhibition “Curiosity take”, Saint-Petersburg.
Exhibition “SaintPetroLeninburg”, Saint -Petersburg.
2011 Personal exhibition “Beauty prisoners” the gallery “Babylon”, Samara.
Exhibition “Summer river”. The state museum of Saint-Petersburg history.
Exhibition “Petersburg” Manezh, Saint-Petersburg.
2012 Gallery “Rostra”. Moscow.
2013 Antique salon in LenExpo, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Exhibition “+18 in the dark” in Alexey Sergienko gallery “Kazanskaya 12”, Saint-Petersburg.
Russian-Austrian cultural seasons 2013-2015, Galerie O art moments “The tenth muse” (11 Russian painters) Austria.
Art-Perm Gallery 25/17.
2014 Exhibition art gallery “Cantatory tower”, Saint-Petersburg.
Rita Herz gallery, Luxembourg.
Gallery “On the bargain” ( in Novgorod Kremlin) Novgorod, Russia.
Gallery “Ameralda” Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Pavel Budzkiy gallery in  the art center Perinniy rows, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2015 Exhibition art gallery “Cantatory tower”, Saint-Petersburg.
Gallery “DekArt”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2016 Art Revolution Taipei 2016 (A.R.T. 2016).
“The third birds’ slogan” exhibition art gallery “Cantatory tower” Saint-Petersburg.