Denis Prasolov

He was born in 1973 in the Ukraine.

In 1997 he finished sculpture faculty in Saint-Petersburg art and industrial Academy named by Muhina.

During education he had studied course in KunsthochschuleBerlin – Weisensee (1993-1994).

During diploma’s practice he studied course in Finland. ( University of Joensuu).

The diploma project “Achti – the God of water” is set up in Joensuu, Finland. (1996-97).

Together with Ignatev he is the arranger of creative association the Workshop 7, which mission was to create monumental works for improving cultural and esthetic quality of town environment and saving historical and sculptural heritage

His works are located in the collections of state Russian Museum, the Museum of modern art Erarta, in private collections and public interiors.

Lives and works in St.Petersburg, Russia.

2000 personal exhibition, the gallery “Naiv”, Saint-Petersburg.
“Russian wooden sculpture”. The State Russian Museum.
2001 “Russian Abstraction”. The State Russian Museum.
Next-File-Next, Hamburg-Saint-Petersburg.
2002 “The Garden of sculpture and leisure” Anna Akhmatova Literary and Memorial Museum, Saint-Petersburg.
2003 the sculpture “Unicorn”. Filological faculty in Saint-Petersburg State University.
2004 “Wild and Domestic” The State Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg.
2010 “Flowers of art”Anna Akhmatova Literary and Memorial Museum, Saint-Petersburg.
2012 “Na Pole On”(“He is on the field”) Lazarev gallery, Saint-Petersburg.
2014 “Dinner is served. The Russian Museum Culinary Companion” The State Russian Museum”, Saint-Petersburg.
“Ugrassic period”. Exhibition under the project “Russia in Erarta”, Sterch Gallery, Surgut – The Museum of modern art Erarta, Saint-Petersburg.
2015 “Portrait Now”, castle Frederiksborg, Denmark.
Personal exhibition “Parthenogenesis” , The Museum of modern art Erarta, Saint-Petersburg.
“Kosmos Seven” Pornbach Contemporary project, Pornbach, Germany.
2016 “First Crew” center Mars. The State Darwin Museum, Moscow