Alla Lipatova

She was born in 1960 on Ural. In 1984 she finished Ryazan artistic college. She worked as a painter-former, a teacher in a studio, took part in archeological expeditions on Caucasus and Khakassia as a painter. For a long time restored icons and did temper painting.

Alla Alexandrovna finely combined in her work reality and fantasy, exuberant South’ paints with bound tones of the North. This is a master imparted rare ability to see ordinary in incredible.

Founding on the experience of her travelings to Armenia, Khakassia, Adygea and archeological researches of ancient cultures, she created her own unique imitative vocabulary. Her dynamic paintings and high-tony paintings possess the power of traditional world.

Her works are deeply symbolic in their sense. An exact painting graphics combines with the color play in her paintings. Numerous works are kept in most private collections in Russia, Italy, France, Switzerland and Canada. Since 1989 she works and lives in Saint-Petersburg.

1992 Flat exhibition Fontanka 52, Saint-Petersburg.
1993 Gallery “Nevskiy 20”, Saint-Petersburg.
1995 Gallery “Nevskiy 20”, Saint-Petersburg.
1996 Gallery “Eva”, Saint -Petersburg.
1997 Gallery “Petrovskiy ravelin”, Saint -Petersburg.
Saint-Petersburg, 97.
1998 Saint-Petersburg, 98.
1999 Art Saint -Petersburg , Moika 93, Saint -Petersburg.
«Luke & A Gallery», London
Russian winter 99, Leipzig, Germany.
2000 «Luke & A Gallery», London
«Luke & A Gallery» Women and cats, London.
2001 «Luke & A Gallery»Saint-Petersburg art, London.
2003 Gallery “Nevskiy 20” Saint-Petersburg.
2005 Flat exhibition in memory of Vadik Voronin.