Alexey Kiryanov

Alexey Fyodorovich Kiryanov
(1955, Leningrad)
Member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists
Member of the International Federation of Artists (IFA)
Member of the St. Petersburg Pastel Society
The participant of more than 120 exhibitions in Russia and other countries of the world.
Studied at Mukhina Leningrad University. (Department of Metal Art Processing).
Lives and works in St. Petersburg.

“Heroes of Kiryanov are most often jesters, lyceums, under the wierd hood of which lurks a strange and bitter wisdom. In fact, he writes one hero, who, transferring from different circumstances, and even epochs – in others, changes with them. But he is always alone in a changing world, whose vanity is accepted with sad and all-forgiving irony … Undoubtedly, the knowledge he gives to his characters (and which he shares with them), makes his paintings significant, and the nobility of color helps to overcome the sadness, dissolving it in color harmony.
Mikhail Herman