Andrey Ostashov

Andrey Ostashov was born on October 26, 1970 in the city of Lida, the Grodno region, Belarus. Professional sculptor. Works in a stone and bronze. He is engaged in the drawing and graphics. The author of art posters and booklets. At the moment lives and works in Minsk.

In 1997 the author graduated from faculty of a sculpture of the Belarusian state academy of arts in Minsk in G.I. Muromtsev’s workshop, final work was under the direction of A. M. Finnish.

During the period since 1998-2003 Andrey Ostashov was a teacher of a sculpture and composition in the Minsk art school of A. Glebov. Since 2004-2005 – the teacher of the drawing on office of architectural design at the State institute of social technologies at the Belarusian state university.

Since 1999 Andrey Ostashov the member of the Belarusian union of artists, and since 2005 the member of Bureau of section of a sculpture of the Belarusian union of artists.

Since 2005 – 2007 – the permanent author of graphic drawings in the monthly business publication “Business Revue” (Minsk, Belarus).

Since 2009 Andrey Ostashov is open his own gallery in Minsk.

Awards and diplomas:

2003 there is a Diploma of the scholarship program of the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Poland “Gaude Polonia” (Academy of arts in Krakow, the Center of a modern sculpture in Oronsko), Poland.

2004 there is a Diploma of the III degree “A sculptural opening day”, Svetlogorsk, Belarus in the open air.

2005 there is a Diploma of the I degree on the Republican open-air on a sculpture “The autograph in a stone”, Svetlogorsk, Belarus.

2005 there is a Diploma of the winner “for allegorical perfectionism in the embodiment of the subject “Eros and Thanatos”” at the 1st competition of the fine arts “Arslonga-2005”, Minsk, Belarus.

2005 there is a Diploma of the III degree of the International association of the unions of architects for composition “Stealing to Europe” at the International competition of architects “Leonardo-2005”, Minsk, Belarus.

2005 — the Annual grant of the Minister of Culture of Republic of Belarus.

2008 — the Winner in the sculpture nomination on the I Belarusian biennial of painting, graphics and a sculpture, Minsk, Belarus.

2013 there is an Award in the field of art “Belief” in the “For the Width of a Plan and Grandness of the Embodiment” nominations (the VII Moscow International Festival of arts, the Central House of Artists) Moscow, Russia.

The participant of charitable exhibitions and auctions in support of the needing children.

Works of the artist are stored in National art museum of Republic of Belarus, the Museum modern represent.

2013 A retrospective exhibition of a sculpture and graphics in the Mikhailovsky Castle of the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia).
2015 “A maiden patrol” in National art museum (Minsk, Belarus).
“Small levitations” (Minsk, Belarus).
The personal exposition within the VIENNAFAIR MASTERS 2015 trade fair (Vienna, Austria).
2017 The personal exhibition “Sea Inside” within SochiYachtShow 2017 (Sochi, Russia).
2018 Personal exhibition “Elements — Sculptures and Graphic Works” (Tbilisi, Georgia).